The Prelude Press is a Denver based news source for music lovers by music lovers.

The main goal of The Prelude Press is to breathe life into the music scene. If we can introduce just one person to a new artist that they would have never listened to before, then we feel that we have succeeded.

We aim to cover anything and everything related to music, whether it’s a local house show or a huge arena tour, whether it’s an interview with the front man of your favorite band or a chat with the hard-working people behind the scenes, we’ll be there!

We aim to give readers something new and thought-provoking to read, as well as great images to go along with it. 


Dom Vigil
Founder, editor-in-chief

Shannon Shumaker
Co-founder, art director, managing editor

Contributing photographers:
Shannon Shumaker, Jordan Altergott, Svetlana Joukova, Nick Reece, Mike Kvackay, Jacki Vitetta, Austin Voldseth, Miles Chrisinger, Seth McConnell, Chip Litherland, Irma Ali, Veronica Lee, Jess Kelly, Aaron Thackeray, Mark Tepsic & Elisha Knight

Contributing writers:
Shannon Shumaker, Dom Vigil, Stewart Gray, Jess Kelly, Nina Schirmer, Gabrielle DB, Blake Britton, Jordan Altergott, Kevin Menendez

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