Marianas Trench - Phantoms

Since their inception, Marianas Trench have been known for their ability to write catchy as hell, cinematic pop anthems, and their newest album, Phantoms takes things to a whole new level.

The Japanese House - Good at Falling

The Japanese House has a way of creating otherworldly soundscapes that have the ability to teleport you to a different headspace upon just one listen, and her debut full-length album, Good at Falling is no exception

Emarosa - Peach Club

In 2019, it isn’t unheard of for bands to completely change their sound with a new album, but there are very few that can pull it off with the ease that Emarosa have on their latest release, Peach Club.

Rival Sons - Feral Roots

Since their inception, Rival Sons have been heralded as one of America’s next great rock’n’roll bands, and their latest release, Feral Roots simply backs those claims.

Other Son - The Darkness In Devotion

Other Son’s debut full-length album, The Darkness in Devotion might be filled with with heartbreak, frustration and uncertainty, but sonically, it is clear that the Colorado Springs alt-rock duo are completely comfortable in their skin.

Architects - Holy Hell

Architects’ new album, Holy Hell is monumental. In the face of immense pain and grief following the loss of Tom Searle, the band’s founding guitarist, principal songwriter and twin brother to drummer Dan, Architects have risen from the ashes to deliver a beautifully written and very cathartic release - something that both they and their fans need right now.

Silent Planet - When The End Began

When The End Began, the latest full-length release from Silent Planet is the full package. From an intense, eerie mood that encompasses the entire album to meaningful, heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrical content and the band’s willingness to try new things coupled with powerful vocal work, When The End Began is sure to be a game-changing release for the metalcore genre.

VHS Collection - Retrofuturism

In a world driven by singles, EPs and short attention spans, it takes a lot to get listeners to sit down and fully listen to a full-length album, but VHS Collection’s debut album, Retrofuturism is one that’ll be easy to listen to from start to finish.