Milestones - Red Lights

Red Lights is exactly what the pop-punk scene needs right now. With catchy hooks and memorable choruses coupled with a larger than life, stadium ready sound, Milestones' new full-length is filled with hit after hit. It’s something you could imagine discovering at Warped Tour back in 2004, but has a lasting factor that’ll surely launch the band’s career even further in 2018.

Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You

Sixteen years in the making, Senses Fail’s new album, If There Is Light, It Will Find You is their most personal, emotional and powerful release yet. These twelve songs find vocalist Buddy Nielsen wearing his heart on his sleeve and opening up in a way that he hasn’t since the band’s inception, tackling hard to discuss subjects of loss, grief, depression and the struggles of maintaining a band when you’re not even sure what you want out of life.

The Plot In You - DISPOSE

The Plot In You are reborn on their new album DISPOSE, and with it they deliver some of their most emotional and groundbreaking songs yet. Carried by dissonant guitars, explosive choruses and Landon Tewers’ trademark dynamic vocals, DISPOSE feels like therapy as it chronicles the disintegration and ultimately the end of a relationship as the band picks up the pieces and continues to push forward. These songs are massive, angry and aggressive at the surface, but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find quite a bit of light and hope in DISPOSE, making it well worth more than one listen.

Good Tiger - We Will All Be Gone

Good Tiger’s new album, We Will All Be Gone is simply remarkable. The band's sophomore release finds them following in the footsteps of their 2015 debut, Head Full Of Moonlight while unsurprisingly raising the stakes once more. In ten songs, Good Tiger not only further establish themselves as one of the best post-hardcore bands of this decade, but they also explore every avenue of their wide array of influences, from the soaring opener, “The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking” to the cinematic “Blueshift” and even intimate tracks like “I’ll Finish This Book Later.”

Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending

Nothing short of a rebirth, Franz Ferdinand’s new album, Always Ascending is sure to remind longtime listeners why they first fell in love with the band to begin with, while still finding them expanding on their eclectic sound. Catchy, groovy and filled to the brim with smart lyricism, Always Ascending will make you want to get up and dance before hitting you quickly with a few of the band’s most emotional songs yet.

Drive-In - Arcade

For fans of LANY, M83 or The 1975, Drive-In’s new EP, Arcade is made up of lush instrumentals, soothing vocals, and sparkling synth. A perfect combination to lull you into relaxation and help you unwind after a long day, or a soundtrack for late night drives, Arcade might be short, but it easily transports you into a neon world that Drive-In created. 

CITRA - Mr. Copacetic

Two years in the marking, Mr. Copacetic is the perfect embodiment of Denver’s most energetic rock band, CITRA. This collection of five songs, while brief, is loud, dynamic, catchy and incredibly well written. It’s a lot of things, but it’s certainly not boring. From start to finish, Mr. Copacetic not only takes you on a wild ride, but it further establishes CITRA’s unique sound, which falls somewhere in between gritty modern rock and the likes of Motörhead.

Acadia - All Heart

Acadia’s sophomore EP, All Heart is the definition of powerful. Comprised of six emotional and heartfelt tracks about life, love and the hardships that come along with a meaningful relationship, the aptly titled All Heart finds vocalist Jameson Trudel wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Loyals - Loyals

Nashville pop trio, Loyals are about to become your new favorite band. With the release of their refreshingly bright debut album, Loyals merge elements of synth pop, R&B and alternative rock to create something not only catchy and accessible, but incredibly relatable. With singer Dane Allen’s stunning vocals layered on top of lush instrumentals, this album is truly the full package.

Don Broco - Technology

Just when you think Don Broco couldn't get any better, they continue to exceed expectations and break musical barriers. Technology, their third album and follow-up to 2015’s Automatic finds the band redefining their sound once more, and the outcome is easily their darkest release to date.

Slow Bloom - Hex Hex Hex

There’s really nothing quite like Slow Bloom’s sound. Picking up where their 2016 self-titled release left off, their newest effort, Hex Hex Hex finds the band refining their fuzzy, punk influenced sound with five solid yet incredibly diverse tracks. With grungy instrumentals coupled with aggressive punk vocals, Slow Bloom continue to craft a sound all their own on this release.

One Flew West - Trial and Error

Denver’s One Flew West have delivered their hook-laden, incredibly honest and catchy as hell sophomore release, Trial and Error. These five bright and blunt tracks are the perfect way to start off the new year, from the political and angsty opening title track to the sweet closing song, “Out of Time.”

Toy Cars - Paint Brain

Toy Cars are well on their way to establishing themselves as the next great indie/emo band to emerge from New Jersey with their vulnerable new release, Paint Brain. Lyrically, this timeless, gritty and emotional release plays almost like a stream of consciousness while diving deep into the band’s sound, proving their versatility in more high energy tracks like their single, “Cold” next to americana-inspired songs like the deep cut, “Erie.”

Tonight Alive - Underworld

Tonight Alive have really come into their own on their shining new release, Underworld. With thirteen powerful songs, the band not only continues to explore their increasingly diverse sound, but they also manage to navigate the complicated and emotional journey to find self-acceptance. 

Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria have come full circle with the release of their self-titled fifth album. A reintroduction to the band, this album welcomes back vocalist Danny Worsnop with fire, passion and a sense of vulnerability that makes it the band’s most explosive and versatile record yet. From the opening line, “I’ve been away a little while,” to the unexpected “Empire” and powerful closer, “Room 138,” these twelve songs find Asking Alexandria exploring their sound and pushing boundaries like they never have before.

Pacific Radio - Pretty, but Killing Me

In a music scene that is currently saturated with twinkly, 80’s influenced synth and pop anthems, LA-based Pacific Radio are standing out with their own unique brand of lyrically charged, guitar driven garage rock. Following their successful Kitchen Table EP, released earlier this year, the band has arrived with Pretty, but Killing Me, filled with twelve timeless, fuzzy tracks that transport you to sunny California beaches even if you’re stuck in the midwest in the middle of December.

Story of the Year - Wolves

Story of the Year are back and better than ever! Even with a seven year gap between their 2010 release, The Constant and their explosive new album, Wolves, these guys haven’t lost a single ounce of energy. In fact, Wolves is everything fans have come to expect from Story of the Year and then some. Dan Marsala’s dynamic vocals reign over wild guitar work and driving drums, and with additional 80’s influenced synth peppered throughout the record, it’s an incredibly timeless and unique release.

Sunset Neon - Starlight

Starlight, the new album from 80’s infused synth-pop project Sunset Neon is hard to describe with just a few simple adjectives, but the first that come to mind are retro, glitchy, vibrant and timeless. Thirteen tracks in length, Starlight feels incredibly full, and that’s simply due to the fact that Sunset Neon utilizes every single song to introduce listeners to something new. No two songs sound alike, yet each track on Starlight sits perfectly alongside the next, stitched together with groovy bass, mind blowing production, electric vocals and an overall incredibly warm and fluorescent vibe.

Safeguard - I'm A Stranger To Myself

UK pop-punk group Safeguard’s new EP, I’m A Stranger To Myself is a short, but incredibly strong release. Consisting of only four songs, one of which is a brief intro, I’m A Stranger To Myself forces Safeguard to provide a perfect taste test of sound in only three full songs, and they certainly rise to the occasion. The hard hitting “Harbour,” solid “November” and emotional “No Man’s Land” each showcase a different side of the band, making for a surprisingly diverse and incredibly solid release.

The World Over - Ventifact

The most difficult thing about creating an acoustic rendition of any song is that for the most part, listeners know what to expect - a simplified, stripped down version of a song that they already enjoy. Thankfully, The World Over are are breaking the mold and challenging everything you think you might know about acoustic EPs with their newest release, Ventifact. The fan-inspired EP is a mirror image of their 2016 release, Mountains, but with a twist. These acoustic tracks, while definitely stripped down compared to their original counterparts, are nowhere near simplified. Instead, The World Over have managed to create a complex musical landscape while further exploring five songs that their fans have already grown to know and love.