Real Friends - Composure

Composure, the newest release from Illinois pop-punk band Real Friends feels like an emotional punch to the gut. Driven by a well rounded, matured sound and powerful lyrical content, Composure not only finds Real Friends stepping out of their comfort zone sonically but also touching on some very personal topics like mental health, self-love and growth.

Covet - effloresce

Delicate and hard hitting, complex yet incredibly soothing, Covet’s newest release, effloresce finds the San Francisco trio at their best. Although it is only six songs in length, effloresce not only feels incredibly full, but it also shows a lot a growth following the band’s 2015 release, Currents.

Didirri - Measurements

Australian breakout singer-songwriter Didirri takes the saying “quality over quantity” to heart on his stunning new EP, Measurements. While the EP is only six songs in length, it is filled to the brim with powerful, emotional and cinematic songwriting.

Homesafe - One

I first heard about Homesafe because I’m a giant fan of Knuckle Puck and had heard that one of the members had started a side project. So of course, I was expecting something fairly Knuckle-Puck-esque with Homesafe’s first full-length release, something with a ton of energy that just made you want to sing along—which is the basic allure of pop-punk, right?

Vacationer - Mindset

Vacationer pick up right where they left off on their new album, Mindset. Four years removed from their last release, Relief, and the band, fronted by mastermind Kenny Vasoli, haven’t missed a beat. In fact, Mindset hosts a little bit of everything that fans fell in love with to begin with - dreamy vocals, warm instrumentals and a retro, hazy tone - but also finds Vacationer stepping out of their comfort zone more than ever. It’s the perfect natural progression and arrives just in time for summer.

Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked

Panic! At The Disco have done it again. Their latest effort, Pray For The Wicked takes the pop sensibilities and theatricality of their 2016 release, Death Of A Bachelor to the next level with big brass, horns and incredible percussion paired with frontman Brendon Urie’s larger than life vocals.

State Champs - Living Proof

Since their formation in 2010, State Champs have been gradually reshaping the world of pop-punk, and their new album, Living Proof finds the band emerging bigger and better than ever, and ready to take on the world. Easily the band’s most ambitious release thus far, Living Proof is State Champs at their strongest.

Mayday Parade - Sunnyland

Sunnyland is the perfect album to jumpstart your summer. Nostalgic, catchy, a little bittersweet and incredibly emotional, the sixth studio album from Mayday Parade packs a punch and hits you right in the heart.

lil aaron - ROCK$TAR FAMOU$

Whether this is your first time listening to lil aaron or if you’re already a fan, his newest EP, ROCK$STAR FAMOU$ is the perfect glimpse into his world. Short sweet and to the point, ROCK$STAR FAMOU$ finds lil aaron diving deep emotionally one second and letting loose the next, leaving no questioning exactly who he is.

Camille Trust - No Other Way

It’s impossible not to feel something when listening to Camille Trust’s debut EP, No Other Way. These four songs not only chronicle the stages of a breakup - from making the decision to leave someone to the regret that comes along with it and ultimately coming out stronger - but they also perfectly showcase Trust’s rich, soulful vocal abilities.

Lost In Society - Eager Heart

Eager Heart, the new EP from alternative punk band, Lost In Society couldn’t arrive at a more perfect time. Filled to the brim with punchy instrumentals and gritty vocals, Eager Heart will make you long for hot summers, long drives and hanging out with friends.

The Backseaters - Phantom EP

Phantom is the perfect four song snapshot of Denver indie-rock band, The Backseaters. Complete with dreamy guitar work, memorable choruses and introspective lyricism, the Phantom EP is incredibly easy to listen to, but will also leave you longing for more by the time it comes to an end.

William Ryan Key - Thirteen

There’s nothing that can compare to growing up with one of your favorite bands, witnessing them change and evolve and eventually, watching as they go their separate ways. In a way, it almost feels as if you’re on the same journey, as if you’re right there with them every step of the way, so for any long-time Yellowcard fans, it’ll be impossible not to feel a bit emotional when listening to William Ryan Key’s new solo EP, Thirteen.

Viretta - The Fear

Viretta fight their fears on their aptly titled full length album, The Fear, but not in the way you’d expect. Although many songs (see “Cordyceps” and the eerie two-parter “The Garden’s Over”) evoke a feeling of unease, the majority of The Fear plays with ease, dancing back and forth between soothing and startling.

morgxn - vital

morgxn bares his soul on his debut album, vital. Tender, emotional and powerful, these eleven tracks find morxn navigating love and loss, picking up the pieces and finding himself. Between massive pop anthems like “translucent” and “home” and intimate ballads like “me without you,” morgxn not only creates songs that are relatable but also showcases his impressive vocal and sonic range.

Somme - Somme

LA alt-pop artist Somme is destined for greatness. Emerging onto the scene with her moody and vulnerable self-titled EP, Somme draws obvious influence from artists like Lorde and Robyn, but twists her synth-driven sound to make it all her own. Coupled with personal lyricism and a perfect balance between light and dark, and you’ve got a stunning debut EP.

Parkway Drive - Reverence

Parkway Drive’s new album, Reverence is nothing short of epic. On their darkest and most experimental release yet, the band faces death and loss head-on, making for a theatrical and crushing listen.

SYCDVK - Lurking Earthlings

Short, sweet and to the point, Denver’s SYCDVK transport you to another universe with their new EP, Lurking Earthlings. Like their debut EP, Aubrey, Lurking Earthlings is a concept release, and SYCDVK waste no time weaving a vibrant and unique story on this release. Throughout these five songs, the band explores humanity through the eyes of alien visitors, making for a wild listen from start to finish.

Violet Night - Colours Of You

Violet Night have used stunning soundscapes to transcend genre and create their diverse and accessible debut album, Colours Of You. With a sound that rides the line between artists like The Honorary Title, Dashboard Confessional and even Angels & Airwaves at times, Violet Night quickly prove that they’re capable of almost anything while still staying true to themselves on this release.

courtship. - Denial in Paradise

Indie pop duo, courtship. have already made quite a name for themselves in 2018, and their debut album, Denial in Paradise only continues to solidify their place in the scene. Complete with dreamy synth, groovy bass and incredibly stunning falsetto vocals, courtship. are paving their way to the forefront of the blossoming pop scene with this release.