The Acacia Strain - Coma Witch

Review by Gabrielle DB

The Acacia Strain's latest release off of Rise Records, Coma Witch, is as terrifying as it is technical. Current members Vincent Bennett, Kevin Boutot, Jack Strong, Devin Shidaker, and Richie Gomez have executed a brutal seventh edition to their already immense discography. 

The album opens with a sound bite with down-tuned guitars echoing in the back before ripping vocals tear into the show. Sound bites are littered throughout the album in the most appropriate places. The composition on this album is unreal. These musicians slay every track. The vocals are skilled and engaging, especially in "Cauterizer". “Holy Walls of The Vatican” showcases an all around cohesiveness in the band. 

Eerie "Observer" hosts the most sound bites. This half hour long track opens with the feeling of being in the woods, in the dark, alone. 

The nihilistic lyrical content lacing this album is presented stronger and more articulate than others who dabble in this realm. The Acacia Strain have crafted an album worth listening to in Coma Witch.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Holy Walls of The Vatican"

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