Xerxes - Collision Blonde

Review by Gabrielle DB

Remember that cool new sound that you were looking for? Here it is! Xerxes has truly created something unique with Collision Blonde. This album begins with the rising track "I Was Wrong" and infinitely grows from there expanding sound territory.

"Chestnut Street" has an uptempo groove, with the dark lyrical content displayed throughout the album. 

"(but here we are)" is a spoken word performance, and a great one! The strength of this track carries over into the closing number "Nosedive". 

Collision Blonde feels like life during a quarter-life crisis. These emotions are captured in the most beautiful and brutally honest way. Check Xerxes out, they have displayed a lot of heart in this release.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Chestnut Street"

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