Bailiff - Remise II

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Bailiff can do no wrong. The Chicago three-piece pick up the pace with the second installment in their Remise series, making for an awesome release. “Golden Hour”, the first song on Remise II, starts off slow, but when the drums kick in, the pace of the track picks up, and that’s when the whole song really comes together. The way that “Golden Hour” progresses is natural, gorgeous, and most importantly, pleasant to listen to, and the first track is just a snippet of the amazing songwriting on this EP.

The overall songwriting on Remise II is amazing. While the EP ties in to the first half of Remise well, it definitely has its own sound compared to the first installment. It’s a little more upbeat and progressive, whereas Remise was more laid back. Bailiff’s sound has definitely grown with these four songs, and in the best way possible. The great thing about this EP is that even though it is only four songs, it manages to progress. On top of that, the vocals are incredibly strong, but the music, particularly the amazing bass lines and gorgeous, sweeping guitar work (especially on the uptempo “Build It Again”) carry the tracks very well.

After “Build It Again,” the EP slows down into the laid-back single, “Love Like Mine,” and while it seems to lose a bit of momentum that Remise II had built in the first two tracks, the song is still very strong. The vocals on “Love Like Mine” are wonderful and the melody is easy to get stuck in your head. When the guitar part comes in at the chorus, the track really seems to come together, and the final product is absolutely amazing.

The final track, “Out Of The Blue,” is the slowest song on the EP, but what it lacks in speed and energy, it makes up for in beautiful melodies, gorgeous harmonies and a really pretty key part. The melody and the vocals on this track are amazing, the backing vocals support the track wonderfully and the overall songwriting is perfect. Like The first two tracks on Remise II, “Out Of The Blue” builds really well, just in a more slow, laid-back manner. When the final song finally fades out, it leaves you hanging and wanting more, anxious for Bailiff’s next release.

Rating: 4.5/5

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