Kingdom Of Giants - Ground Culture

Review by Gabrielle DB

Kingdom Of Giants have delivered a hard hitting album with Ground Culture. The growth of the band is prevalent in their second full length album with a well-balanced, technical sound.

"Lion's Mouth" immediately catches listeners in a brutal grasp, and then smoothly transitions into "Eternal Burn". This track boasts some of the most powerful lyrics of the album, questioning putting one's efforts into faith or love. "Endure" features fitting guest vocals from Ricky Armellino. The drums take the forefront on the composition of this track, with the guitars following slightly behind. 

The title track has magnificent angst in the lyrics which are delivered effectively through the clean and screaming transitions, and reinforced with the music composition. The musical elements are so busy and come to an abrupt full stop at the end of the track. The halfway point of the album "Virtue" enters withs a sound bite of Charlie Chaplin's final speech in The Great Dictator with bass, drums, and guitars setting the background, building up to vocals that enter like a freight train. This track is built up quite powerfully, with the most beautiful and emotional vocal delivery of the entire album.

"Afterglow" wraps the album up, this track has a very strong delivery from all sections of the band. Featured vocals from Rory Rodriguez make this track even more incredible. 

Loss of nuclear family, feelings of hopelessness, questioning of faith: all of these things are exciting, engaging, and relatable. The style and flow of the album is flawless. Kingdom Of Giants deliver a stellar, moving performance on Ground Culture. Definitely check this album out!

Rating: 4.5/5

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