Guerrilla Monsoon - Big City Plans

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Guerrilla Monsoon have managed to create a very well-rounded record with their new album, Big City Plans. The first thing that stands out about the first song on the album, “Flock” is the strong lead guitar part, the second is the unique bass lines and the third are the gorgeous harmonies in the vocals. The great thing about this record is that not one instrument or member outshines the other - they’re all strong in their own aspect and all compliment each other well.

The spot-on harmonies and multiple vocal parts really add a new level to Guerrilla Monsoon’s sound on this album. The beginning and the chorus of the album’s title track, “Big City Plans” are especially strong in this aspect. While the song is more upbeat and fast-paced, they don’t slack on the vocals - in fact, this song has some of the strongest vocal harmonies and melodies on the entire record, as well as an incredibly strong bass line after the first chorus. The bass parts on “Whisky and Wine” is especially strong, as well. It’s so few and far between that you find a band that really utilizes their bassist’s abilities, and Guerrilla Monsoon definitely does that with Big City Plans, all without overdoing it and while keeping the album balanced.

The only gripe I have with Big City Plans is that, while the vocal harmonies are consistently strong throughout the whole album, they’re just that - consistent. While that’s a great aspect on Big City Plans, I almost found myself waiting to hear the vocals really peak on a few tracks, but unfortunately, they (and some of the music) seemed to stay on the same level throughout much of the album. That’s not to say, however, that this album is weak by any means. The final track on Big City Plans, “Believer” is proof of that. The entire song is very pretty and melodic, a perfect closing track that will leave you wanting to repeat the album all over again once it’s all over. Guerrilla Monsoon’s Big City Plans is definitely a must listen, especially for fans of old school punk or emo. These guys have killed it!

Rating: 3.5/5

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