Dead Leaves - Dead Leaves EP

Review by Dom Vigil

Dead Leaves have truly created something gorgeous with their self-titled EP. From the very beginning of the first track, “Reconstruct Your Body,” the EP promises to be honest, emotional and explosive, and the next five songs absolutely live up to that first impression.

“Confidence,” the second track on the EP is easily one of the strongest tracks. The song starts slow and simple, with just vocals and guitar. The emotional, melancholy lyrics over the beautiful guitar work are perfect and while the lyrics are sadder, the song is upbeat when the rest of the band comes in and it makes for a great contrast. “I Was Once An Extrovert” is another strong track on the EP, starting off slow and exploding into a gorgeous chorus. The way that the song builds is absolutely incredible, the guitar work on this track is some of the strongest on the album, and the lyrics are honest and relatable. In fact, the strong lyrics are easily one of the best things about this EP.

Overall, Dead Leaves have managed to create six very unique and honest tracks with their self-titled EP. If this album was supposed to serve as a taste-test for Dead Leaves, I’m absolutely sold. Everything about this EP is incredible, from the honest, emotional lyrics, to the gorgeous harmonies, to the unique guitar work. The entire band sounds solid and tight throughout all six songs, the harmonies are on point and the way that the songs progress is natural and gorgeous. The final track on Dead Leaves, “Fading,” is slow, sad and longing - the perfect last song to leave you hanging and wanting more from the band, but it also provides good closure for the EP. All six songs are a journey, and each track proves that Dead Leaves are definitely here to stay.

Rating: 5/5

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