Feels Like Home - Take On Anything

Review by Dom Vigil

There’s nothing I love more than a strong beginning and a great ending to an album, and Feels Like Home absolutely hit the nail on the head with their new EP, Take On Anything. The vocals on the very first track on the album, “Bad Things And Good People,” pull you right in and set a great first impression, and thankfully, Feels Like Home more than back it up throughout the rest of the track. The overall mood of this track is angry, bitter and heartbroken, making it easily relatable and full of energy.

Following “Bad Things And Good People” comes the poppy “Send Me Off” and the heavier “It Hurts To Try,” which caught me off guard when the unclean vocals came in about halfway through each track, adding a more Silverstein feel to the otherwise pop-punk sound of the album. The great thing about Take On Anything, though, is that no songs sound out of place. Though the unclean vocals were definitely a surprise, they weren’t unwelcome at all, and actually meshed really well with sound on that Feels Like Home established on the first track of Take On Anything.

I think my favorite thing about Take On Anything is that it doesn’t sound like every other pop-punk album that has come out this year. Feels Like Home’s sound on this EP is like a breath of fresh air, and without coming off like they’re trying too hard. While Take On Anything is only five tracks, each song seems to take you on a journey, starting with an angry, post breakup song and ending with a more positive, inspirational title track. “Take On Anything” is easily one of the best songs on the EP and ends it on a great note, leaving me just that much more excited to see what they do next.

Rathing: 4/5

Listen to "Bad Things And Good People"

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