Sea Swallowed Us Whole - Sea Swallowed Us Whole

Review by Dom Vigil

Sea Swallowed Us Whole have reached and exceeded my expectations with their self-titled EP. While I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from them to begin with, the gorgeous clean vocals had me hooked and impressed from the very beginning of the first track, “Alive.” That’s not to say that the vocals are the best part about this EP, though. The guitar tone, as well as the overall songwriting and the gorgeous, melodic choruses throughout these five songs made it absolutely worth the listen.

Another great thing about this EP is the way that the band managed to incorporate subtle, perfectly executed electronic parts into their otherwise hardcore sound. While a lot of bands seem to be trying it out lately, some of them seem to miss the mark or completely overdo the electronic aspect, but Sea Swallowed Us Whole manage to do it in a way that actually adds to their sound, rather than making it sound like unnecessary noise. The only real downside I found on Sea Swallowed Us Whole was in the production. While the clean vocals on this EP are absolutely gorgeous, they seem to overpower the rest of the music at times, while the screams sometimes feel a little too low.

Despite the one flaw, Sea Swallowed Us Whole have absolutely mastered this EP. Their gorgeous melodic choruses (especially on the incredibly catchy “Round And Round”) manage to set them apart from the park of similar sounding acts currently saturating the scene, making Sea Swallowed Us Whole a band to keep an eye on.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Round And Round"

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