Morning Parade - Pure Adulterated Joy

Review by Dom Vigil

It’s hard not to smile when listening to Morning Parade’s new full length, Pure Adulterated Joy. The sound that Morning Parade have managed to create with this release is unique and upbeat, while still remaining low-key and relaxing, and that’s what makes Pure Adulterated Joy such a great listen.

While “Shake The Cage,” the first track on Pure Adulterated Joy isn’t necessarily explosive by any means, it’s definitely one of the more high-energy songs on the album. It kicks the album off well, introducing the gorgeous vocals that are a total stand out on Pure Adulterated Joy, as well as the unique synth sounds and gorgeous songwriting that really makes this album unique.

In fact, the synth parts throughout Pure Adulterated Joy are definitely one of the strongest aspects of the album and are especially predominant on the second track on the album, “Alienation.” Coupled with the gorgeous vocals and amazing lyrics, it makes for one of the best songs on the album. “Alienation” just makes you happy. Following “Alienation” is the catchy and gorgeous single “Reality Dream.” Again, the vocals on this third track are breath taking - the quality of vocalist Steve Sparrow’s voice is soft and pretty while still remaining powerful and captivating as he sings “Don’t spend your life pretending your happy ending already passed.”

Another great song on Pure Adulterated Joy is the middle track, “Car Alarms & Sleepless Nights.” The soft and slow sound on this track make it the perfect interlude song, with beautiful, low-key piano parts coupled with gorgeous vocal work. The key change about halfway through the track is flawless, too, making for a really great listen.

Pure Adulterated Joy is honestly the perfect title for this album, as the happiness and joy throughout every song is absolutely infectious. While not every song on the record is fast paced or upbeat by any means, Morning Parade still manage to convey a message of hope and happiness with every single track. Nothing is overdone on this release, but at the same time, nothing seems to fall short either - it seems like Morning Parade know exactly what they’re doing, and the final track on Pure Adulterated Joy is a perfect example of that as it builds up at the end and leaves you wanting even more.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Alienation" or "Car Alarms & Sleepless Nights"

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