Twiceyoung - Prefer You

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Twiceyoung’s new EP Prefer You is beautiful - that’s the best word to describe it. The airy vocals coupled with gorgeous synth parts and hypnotizing drum beats easily transport the listener to a different world. Prefer You is relaxing and surreal, and though it’s only six tracks long, it’s an adventure.

The first track on the album, “Uncover,” starts off slow, then blooms with the large chorus before shrinking back down into mellow verses and a haunting bridge. This song swells and each chorus is like taking a deep breath. Every little move that Twiceyoung makes adds to the song, especially the eerie effect on the vocals in the bridge. The second track, “Separate You,” is more upbeat and cheerful than the eerie and full, “Uncover,” but it keeps with the airy, surreal quality of sound that Twiceyoung sets with the first song. By the first chorus, it’s obvious that “Separate You” is a more emotional track, and a song that will likely get stuck in your head, even after just one listen. The song fades out on a distorted “I’ll always love you, but tonight I can’t let you go,” that is bound to leave you aching for more.

The vocals in the beginning of “Night Drive” are beautiful. It’s a slower track, and doesn’t have as big of a chorus as some of the other songs on the EP, but it just serves to showcase Twiceyoung’s versatility. With a sound that could easily become one-dimensional, there are six unique songs on this EP that dare to shake things up. For instance, “Stay The Same” is another more upbeat sounding track, and the string parts in “Datev” are absolutely gorgeous and add a unique element to the song.

Prefer You, while for the most part mellow and laid-back, is an album that can easily impact a listener. The vocals and harmonies throughout the entire EP are light and airy, almost mystical, and the overall sound, while eerie and hypnotizing at times, is absolutely calming and relaxing. Perfer You can easily put you in a better mood or transport you to a different place, and that’s what makes this mellow album so powerful.

Rating: 5/5

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