As Blood Runs Black - Ground Zero

Review by Gabrielle DB

As Blood Runs Black has released a powerful third studio album in Ground Zero. This album features incredible vocal versatility from Chris Bartholomew, as well as exceptional instrumentation from drummer Hector "Leche" De Santiago, bassist Nick Stewart, and guitarists Greg Kirkpatrick and Dan Sugarman.

The album opens with a quick punch in the face that is “City Limits” and rolls into “Wasteland”, with a violin piece oddly fitting in towards the end of the track. The title track follows with the first of a few anthemic chants featured on the album.

“Vision” is a track with prime instrumentation, and extremely impressive vocals. The breakdowns on this track have breakdowns, and they are spectacular. The clean vocals in the chorus are a very pleasant surprise for such a heavy track. “All Or Nothing” is a relentless track that hosts the best lyrics of the entire album and is executed perfectly.

“Rumple” is a musical interlude setting the stage for “An Oath”, a notably slower paced song with clean vocals occupying a significant amount of space. With the pace picked back up, the chant and message in “Eulogy” feels like an early 2000's throwback. “Limitless” also has pretty sweet chants.

“Survival Rights” is a motivating, adrenaline fueled track that wraps up this album.

Let's not talk drama, but As Blood Runs Black should be applauded for this awesome release considering the year that they have endured. Some of the lyrical content dulls the album, and violin pieces supplement in odd places; overall, this release is solid, though. If Ground Zero is actually the final release from As Blood Runs Black, well done.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Vision"

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