Great Sale Day - Wild & Chunky

Review by Gabrielle DB

It must be noted that Great Sale day has a line-up with current and ex-members of U.K. hardcore bands Basement, Breaking Point, Unholy Majesty, and Your Demise; but Wild & Chunky has a sound reminiscent of ’90s alternative rock. 

The album opens with the extremely catchy “Do Not Want To”. The pace picks up a bit in “Calm Down, Slow Down”, this track also had me doing breathing exercises to the lyrics “… calm down, slow down…” towards the end of the track. “Up In The Clouds” contains more storied lyrics of dreamers facing reality but still holding onto fantasies. 

“Best Friends” is a very fun track as soon as it begins with a breath of lyrics and clap worthy snares. “True (Why Can’t You Be)” has a longing through the music and lyrics, but a dullness in the vocal delivery, but somehow this works to make the song sad. 

Musical, lyrical, and vocal diversity come through on “Wake Up” featuring a guitar solo, and pale vocals. “Act 1 - Scene 2. Romance Is Dead” is a fun number before sliding into “Your Medicine”. “Shout Out To The Girl In The Red Dress, I Feel You, Shout Out To The Guy In The Armani Jacket, I See What You’re Doing There” almost has a longer title than the contents of the song; but in all seriousness, the scenario described in this track is intriguing. 

“Great Sale Day” has a variance that takes listeners on highs and lows. “Watch and Repeat” closes the album with a smile. A bit of a simple, cute, and all around plain track, reaching just over a minute in length, is just enough to leave you longing and humming for more. 

The entire vibe of Wild & Chunky is fun and sincere. All of the tracks have the feel of an inside joke amongst friends that we are allowed to eaves drop on. The skill and rawness of Great Sale Day is quite enjoyable. Definitely check this album out for nostalgia and/or a throwback to the ‘90s.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Best Friends" 

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