Choir Vandals - At Night

Review by Shannon Shumaker

For being only four songs in length, Choir Vandals’ new EP, At Night is an incredibly strong record. Every instrument does its part on this EP - the guitar, bass and drums are all on point along with the vocals, and they all work together to create something beautiful.

The vocal work on this EP is one of its strongest aspects. From the beginning of the first track, “Monsters,” it’s apparent how versatile the vocals on this record are. Soft coos transition perfectly into rougher, gowling yells without even making the listener think twice, and they make it seem easy. On top of that, the bass work on “Monsters” is some of the strongest on the EP, making for a really great opening track.

“At Night and in The Rain” is another stand out. While it’s a slower track, the vocals and guitar parts mesh perfectly, coming together for a beautiful chorus and fading out on a slow, sweeping bridge.

The great thing about At Night, is that even with four tracks, it manages to branch over genres flawlessly. It’s hard to put Choir Vandals in a box, and it would be a crime to try. At Night a perfect sampler of Choir Vandals from beginning to end. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "At Night and in The Rain"


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