BIG Something - Truth Serum

Review by Gabrielle DB

I'll use BIG Something's own lyrics from the title track of the album Truth Serum to describe their sound: "... if what I say don't make no sense, I say, yeah, just groove with it..." This spectacular album is a well articulated dance party. Their sound is refreshing and unique. Electronic music fuses with the groovy electric guitars, fun rhythm of the drums and bass, smooth vocals, and domineering horn section seamlessly to create fifty-five minutes of pure perfection.

"Megalodon" featuring DJ Logic opens the album smoothly. A fun transition into "Capt. D" leads listeners on a funky navigation 'round the world. This track is so catchy, and provokes head bobbing from the first strum of the guitar.

"Sirens" is a musical interlude and introduction for the smashing "Love Generator". This track is a hip shaking, foot tapping futuristic account of the hard wired 'robot love' that advanced beings project.

"Pnuts Song" is an absolutely adorable cutesy ditty. The horn section is most prominent on this track.

"Club Step" is another fantastic instrumental piece leading into the final track "Grey Matter".

BIG Something has created an album that cohesively jams with an array of subject matter that any music fan would enjoy. The lyrics are smart, and the music arrangements are top level as well. Truth Serum is BIG Something's best work to date!

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Love Generator"

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