Major League - There's Nothing Wrong With Me

Review by Shannon Shumaker

The worst mistake a fan can make when listening to a band’s new material after a lineup change is to compare it to their old work and expect it to sound the same. If you go into Major League’s new record, There’s Nothing Wrong With Me expecting it to sound like a rehashed version of 2012's Hard Feelings or any of their old material, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you listen to this album expecting it to be an incredibly heartfelt, lyrically driven pop-punk record by a band that is absolutely comfortable with their sound, then you’ll be more than satisfied.

If you absolutely have to compare this new Major League material to their older work, though, this album is much more mellow than their old stuff. That’s not to say that there’s not that same energy there, but it’s definitely more matured, and the first track “Wallflower” is a perfect example of the maturity and strong lyrics that are evident throughout the entirety of There’s Nothing Wrong With Me. “Pillow Talk” is also one of the strongest and most hard-hitting songs on the album, despite the fact that it’s also one of the slowest tracks. Major League really showcase their songwriting abilities on this track - every single instrument seems to work together flawlessly.

If I had to choose a word to describe There’s Nothing Wrong With Me, it would be “polished.” Every instrument works well together, complimenting one another and the vocals, which are definitely a high point on the record. The bass is definitely really strong on “Kaleidoscopes,” which is always nice to hear, and the vocals are especially strong on the slower song, “Just As I Am,” which is another strong point on the record. The Lyricism on “Just As I Am” goes straight to the heart - it’s a song that’s easy to connect with due to the amount of emotion driving the vocals. "Devil's Advocate" and "Bruiser" are two of the more upbeat tracks on the record, and are laced with Major League's trademark fast paced and intricate guitar work. The vocals on these two tracks are incredibly strong as well, and they both really showcase Major League's versatility with this record. 

In a way, There’s Nothing Wrong With Me is a product of a band that isn’t afraid to do something different. While a lineup change can easily make or break a band, Major League manage to pull it off seamlessly. They’re not trying to sound like their old material or simply stick with what worked for them before, and that’s what makes this album so great. There’s Nothing Wrong With Me is like a breath of fresh air. This personal, emotional and heartfelt album is exactly the change that Major League needed.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Pillow Talk"

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