Cumino - Pockets

Review by Gabrielle DB

Cumino has created instrumental excellence in Pockets. This album is a sea of instrumental beauty.

"Atlas" opens the album setting the mysterious stage of what will follow throughout. "Her" delicately crawls all over you with its sensuality.

"Fields" builds up and releases its tension repeatedly. This track remains busy and stimulating throughout. "Tangier" is a piquant track that employs various instruments and execution. The development is an adventure and is exciting to follow. The conclusion of this track is like suddenly pressing the breaks on an adrenaline ride.

"Two Spheres" has a building softness that bursts out every once in a while before calming down, and eventually finding a happy medium to stay settled in.

"Veins" hosts the most diverse instrumentation of the album. This track feels like being in nature trying to see wind with your eyes. "Fixing Fragments" has a longing that is ultimately fulfilled like a deep, restoring breath.

"Paseo" is another ultra sensual track that has a warming, enveloping feel. Every instrument caresses one another so delicately that the cohesion is incredible. The down tuning of "Snail" is the feeling of drifting slowly, sinking slightly into a slumber; a very fitting ending to such a peaceful album.

Pockets is an intangible album. Cumino gives an emotional, and powerful performance that must be heard.

Rating: 5/5

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