Magnets & Ghosts - Be Born

Review by Shannon Shumaker

The best word to describe Magnets & Ghosts’ new EP Be Born, would be “explosive.” While it’s only seven songs long, Magnets & Ghosts absolutely manage to showcase their incredible talent with this EP as well as suck the listener into an amazing journey.

The instrumental intro that brings the EP in is beautiful, and when it finally fades into “Off My Mind” and the gorgeous vocals come in, Be Born promises to be incredible. The energy in “Off My Mind” builds throughout the entire song, and everything really seems to come together on the gorgeous, anthematic chorus. This is just a track that seems to get better and better as it goes on and the strong guitar work (especially that mind-blowing solo) and the string parts are absolutely gorgeous.

After “Off My Mind,” Be Born transitions into a more punk sounding track “Drug Money.” While the transition is a little shaky, “Drug Money” is arguably one of the best songs on the EP - the vocals are strong and commanding and it’s hard not to bob your head along with it. The upbeat, hard-hitting energy on this song is great and the guitar tone is especially nice. While it sounds different from the first track, I’m definitely not complaining. “I’m Not The Devil” is another strong track in this aspect - it’s more upbeat and fast paced than other songs on the EP. The bass work on “I’m Not The Devil” is especially strong as well.

Arguably the best track on Be Born, though, is the fourth song, “Here To Save Me.” Right off the bat, this song is explosive and anthematic. It’s a fuller sounding song compared to “Drug Money” or “I’m Not The Devil” with a huge chorus and piano and string parts, which are a wonderful addition. On top of that, “Here To Save Me” is also one of the most emotional tracks on the record, which makes it very easy to connect with. Some of the strongest lyrics are also found on “Here To Save Me,” such as the emotionally charged line, “Do we bleed to come alive/Do we bleed to just survive.”

Overall, Be Born is a great showcase of Magnets & Ghosts incredible musicianship and versatility. The only gripe I have with this record are the transitions between songs. The slower, larger tracks such as “Be Born” or “Here To Save Me” don’t seem to mesh as well with “Drug Money” or “I’m Not The Devil.” That being said, however, the way that Magnets & Ghosts seem to jump easily from one genre to another is absolutely a testament to the band’s songwriting abilities and versatility. If you’re looking for an album that will both keep you on your toes and provide you with seven incredibly written tracks, then Be Born is definitely for you!

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Here To Save Me"

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