Bernie Marsden - Shine

Review by Gabrielle DB

Bernie Marsden captures a Southern rocking, Blusey, groovy, Americana spirit in Shine. Marsden has previously released solo albums, but is most notably known for his work in the great Whitesnake.

The opening track, "Linin' Track," sets the tone for what is to be a wild album, with flaring harmonica throughout, matching the intensity of the guitar. The story laden Blues-rock track "Wedding Day" keeps the listeners hooked. "Walk Away" introduces a catchy, pop-esque hit to the album; this track is sure to get stuck in your head.

"Kinda Wish She Would" and "Ladyfriend" play back to back, and are the epitome of the highs and lows of Blues, where the thrall of a woman on a man is ever present.

"Trouble," a bluesy revisit to the Whitesnake hit, and features guest vocals from the prolific frontman himself, David Coverdale. This rendition is just as wonderful and sexy as the original with a country twist.

"Who Do We Think We Are?" reflects on the human impact on our environment, and upon each other. This track takes a pop direction (think U2) rather than the Bluesy, Southern rock felt throughout the rest of the album. This track is refreshing and powerful, even though it lacks cohesion with the rest of the album.

"Bad Blood" brings the Blues back strong and is sung solely by the sultry Cherry Lee Mewis. The execution of this track, vocally and musically, is top notch.

The title track, "Shine," features Joe Bonamassa on the guitar. The dueling from Marsden and Bonamassa is incredible!

"Dragonfly" is a smokey club song, and is quite eerie. "You Better Run" is a gritty reflection on the Rock 'N' Roll lifestyle. "Hoxie Rollin' Time" is the final story-time Blues track for the album. The final track, however, is the acoustic instrumental "NW8." The album closes softly, without a bang, but it feels right, given how vivacious Shine is in its entirety.

Every track on Shine stands powerfully. This album is a testament to Bernie Marsden's timeless ability to deliver great music. Front to back, this album is outstanding! Definitely check it out.

Rating: 4.5/5

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