Jenn Summers - Catching Fireflies

Review by Dom Vigil

Jenn Summers’ newest EP, Catching Fireflies just feels like summer. The bright ukulele, acoustic guitar and her soft, sing-song voice are a perfect combination for sitting outside in the warm summer sun on a hot day or cruising down the highway with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair. Honestly, from the first note of the first song on the album, “I Like It” I had a smile on my face. It’s an easy listen, not something that you have to read too much into to understand, and that’s refreshing. It’s hard to find a song, let alone an album, that just immediately puts you in a good mood, but Catching Fireflies definitely achieves that. In fact, it’s nearly impossible not to bob your head along with the upbeat and catchy songs.

The only downside to the EP is the fact that it’s so short, and doesn’t really give Jenn a chance to showcase her talent as much as she deserves to. Some of the vocals throughout the album sound very similar, but that’s a small flaw compared to the otherwise wonderful songwriting on Catching Fireflies, making Jenn Summers a great singer-songwriter to keep an eye out for.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to: "I like It"

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