Dikembe / The Jazz June - Split


Review by Dillon Crader

Tiny Engines’s own Dikembe and Topshelf Records The Jazz June put out a two song split and it is a must listen to for 2014. I would start off to say that both Dikembe and The Jazz June are going to be very important in the emo revival scene, like label mates Run Forever and Sainthood Reps. Dikembe’s song “Healer of the Pride” is the first side to the split. This song is very calmed and relaxed making “Healer of the Pride” a great listen. The voices blending together in the chorus are very attention grabbing. I feel like the beginning to the song is a build up to that point in the chorus and it blows my mind. The song continues into a very sweet melodic guitar backed by both bass and drums creating a beautiful mixture of sound.

The other side to the split is “Over Underground” by The Jazz June. “Over Underground” is very lyrically driven but lacks some in creativity. I think that this really works in favor for The Jazz June though. “This is life there are consequences” a line inside of “Over Underground” has continuously jumped into my mind because this song is very catchy and also very relatable. Overall both Dikembe and the Jazz June have released a solid split, both delivering an amazing song that will make this split very hard not to pass by. Make sure to pick this up on May 27 via Tiny Engines and Topshelf Records! 

Rating: 4/5

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