The Generators - Life Gives-Life Takes

Review by Shannon Shumaker

I’ll first start off by saying it is an extremely pleasant surprise to come across an album that just oozes raw, unbridled talent and passion, and I believe that it’s safe to say that after ten studio albums, The Generators have still got it. Because while I’m not really one for straight-up punk, (I think it’s something I really have to be in the mood for) The Generators’ newest album Life Gives-Life Takes is something I can really get into. The entire album is timeless, because while it’s new, if you would have given it to me without any context and told me it came out five or ten years ago, I probably would have believed you.

The best part about Life Gives-Life Takes? The fact that, unlike quite a few punk bands, every song sounds different. While the album includes some hard-hitting, classic punk songs, such as the first track, “Gotta be a Better Way” and the fast-paced “Devil’s Playground”, the second track on the album, “Heartbreak Beach” has a definite upbeat ska feel to it. And it really takes a lot of talent (and years of experience) for a band to feel comfortable putting that song alongside their psychobilly single “Castaways.”

To be honest, I didn’t expect a whole lot from this album. I’ve heard plenty of punk bands over the years, and while I’m not writing any of them off by any means, I find that it’s hard for me to be able to really get into a punk album. That being said, however, Life Gives-Life Takes was definitely a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air. It’s no wonder the band has been putting out albums for as long as they have.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to: "Castaways"

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