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Review by Shannon Shumaker

Within the first few strums of the acoustic guitar on Drew Thomson’s self-titled EP, I was hooked. I wasn’t exactly sure what I expected from these two songs, considering that Thomson’s other band, Single Mothers is definitely more punk and this EP would be classified as Indie/Folk, but whatever expectations I had, this record absolutely blew them away.

The first of the two tracks on this EP is “Saturday Night/Sunday Morning” and while this track is mellow and slow, there’s definitely nothing boring about it. Drew’s vocals are spot on and the storytelling in his lyrics keep the song interesting and beautiful, even with the slow pace of the music. The second song, “Oxy” is also a very strong track. While it’s just as mellow and a little bit more melancholy than “Saturday Night/Sunday Morning” the thing that sets “Oxy” apart is definitely the emotion in Thomson’s voice. While he doesn’t strain his vocals too much or deviate in his rage, it’s the emotion and the lyrics that fit perfectly with the music that really sell this track for me.

The only downside to this album? The fact that it isn’t longer. The soft, slow guitar parts on this EP coupled with Drew Thomson’s melancholy and emotional vocals made this self-titled album worth listening to, and by the time that “Oxy” faded out, I was more than ready to press play again, aching to hear more of his wonderful songwriting. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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