My Fictions - Stranger Songs


Review by Alejandra Elisabet

My Fictions formed in 2010 in Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts. The sound of this band is stripped back to an enticing raw style that draws you in. The more you listen to it the more you get hooked. The songs tell a very haunting yet careful and intricate story but in a time bomb style which will definitely influence newer acts.

The lyrics are brilliant and paired with the unforgettable vocals of Bryan Carifio, this is a winning scenario. The fact that this band is still fairly new means they can only go from strength to strength. The sound reminds me of 80’s Hells Angels, when music was music and musicians were instinctive and not choreographed and predictable. After all it’s about the music, a way to get lost in the moment and be part of the scene. You’ll simply feel the ambience and lose yourself. This album has a definite old school style.

My Fictions are simply doing what they do best, pushing boundaries. Modern day construction workers, but so much more fun to watch; it’s hardcore with frills. They have an intense sound  which at times is haunting, provocative and moody. The production is flawless. Their album could be a soundtrack for those very cool indie films- now there’s a thought!

The track list is as follows:

Mt. Misery- the intro to this song is haunting and beautiful;

Postcard- one of my favorites;

Lower (a selfish song)- once again, the intro to this song was very carefully thought out and very well constructed;

Airport Song- hardcore beginning with a touch of psychedelic. As for the rest, there is a vibe of longing and hope;

Concern- this one is very different to the others on the album. Who’d’ve  thought that dialogue and instruments could work like strawberries and cream.  “What do you care about? Don’t you care about anything?” Pretty cutthroat when you think about it;

Wake Anxious- a fast paced heavy song. Every album has it, but this one’s a goodie;

Stubborn- similar to Wake Anxious but has a grungy undertone with a dulcet ending;

Parking Lot- another special one for me. Why? you ask, just because. It’s everything I love in a heavy song;

Contrition- has a kind of monotone instrumental at the beginning but then it explodes. This song in my opinion has the most stripped back vocals. It’s raw, angry and personal. What more could you want?;

Stranger- this sums up why you should listen to this album. With their spoken verses, raw, stripped back instrumentals and haunting sound this definitely is something to check out. After all “how can you be a poet and not care about something?”

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Parking Lot" or "Concern"

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