Melted Toys - Melted Toys

Review by Amaya Del Rio

When I first started listening to the self-titled, full-length debut album from Melted Toys, it immediately put me in a trance. The guitar has a very dreamy sound to it and the vocals can be difficult to make out the exact words in songs such as “A Postcard” which adds more of a trance-like sound to it. Not only does the album have some soothing, chill songs, there are also songs like "Always" and "Blush" that are much more upbeat and happy. In my opinion, this album feels like you're listening to summer. 

Although the entire album is great, I still have a certain fondness for "Come On" which was featured on their debut EP because of it's happy, yet soothing main guitar riff. The band is classified more as indie or indie-pop, however, a lot of their songs seem to have electronic vibes in them with synthesizers or other electric keyboards backing the main instruments. This characteristic is most apparent in "Always." This album is great, however, it would be awesome if it was more versatile because after listening to it for a while, some of the songs start to sound the same because of their similar indie/synth/pop sounds and distant vocals.

If you're a fan of other bands in this sort of genre, such as Echosmith or Cut Copy then you should definitely give this album a go!

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Blush"

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