Young Fox - Predecessors EP

Review by Amaya Del Rio

I’m not one to listen to an album’s tracks in order, and I had already heard some good things about "The Answer" off Young Fox’s Predecessors EP so I immediately started listening to that. And I was hooked. 

The lyrics in this song are extremely thought-provoking, which I soon learned was a characteristic of the entire album. I must say, I fell in love with Luke Cypher's voice in "Gather Up the Flowers." It's hardcore but not too hardcore, if that makes any sense. Not to mention, he can belt out notes magnificently. Although the other songs are great, my personal favorite would have to be "Define the End" because of it's amazing opening riff and powerful vocals. Basically, it sounds like a kickass rock ballad. I can say something good about every song on this album, though, including the fourth track, "Diet of Worms." In my opinion, this song has the most amazing lyrics, consisting of, "You know my heart, you see my cries, you know that what is dead may never die." This whole EP is just awesome.

Young Fox from Pittsburgh have been a band for two years, however, this is their first release with Spartan Records and it was definitely worth the wait. Keep an ear out for any future releases and make sure to pick up this EP when it drops on July 22nd.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Diet Of Worms"

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