Famous Last Words - Council Of The Dead


Review by Gabrielle DB

No strangers to the tour circuit, and with astounding popularity on social media, Famous Last Words have been heard of. With their latest release, Council Of The Dead, they will be heard, period.

Council Of The Dead is the epitome of a concept album. Famous Last Words thoroughly cultivates the requiems of a multi-charactered cast through awing songs that are haunting, genuine, and beautiful. 

Famous Last Words took their sound from the previous two releases from InVogue Records up a notch and a half. This concept album has direction, purpose, and a tidy plot with a full turn around, and should be listened to in its entirety. Each of the tracks flow with the theme, yet are not monotonous. "Letter To The Council" and "Council Of The Dead" introduce the album concept, not quite with a punch as expected, but fret not, the album picks up after this and keeps on strong. "The Killing Zone" is the heaviest, pit-worthy track (if you will) on the entire album, but it fits, because this is a concept album after all. "The Uprise" has an anthemic banter that is not oversold, thankfully. A musical interlude, "Entity" is the breath that you take before running to the resolution. "One In The Chamber" and "The End Of The Beginning" are gaspingly incredible tracks to wrap up the story, and the album.

The vocal layerings from vocalist JT Tollas are superb. With an incredible range, the clean vocals sound effortless and pure, matched by the growls and screams throughout the album. "The Fog" best exemplifies the contrast of Tollas' vocal ability. Orchestral elements supplement the already spot-on composition displayed throughout the album. I must note that drummer Craig Simons delivers on every single track. 

Council Of The Dead is Famous Last Words' best album to date. It is apparent that this band has grown and nurtured their sound. Definitely check this album out!

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to: "One In The Chamber"

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