He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit

Review by Gabrielle DB

The fourth full-length album from He Is Legend, Heavy Fruit, is quintessential Southern hard rock with wit. This album is an experience that flows from one track to another. Every song is mixed very well, each instrument given attention without having to compete. 

Reminiscent of fellow Southern hard rockers Shinedown's The Sound Of Madness, He Is Legend has a gritty, gripping sound that is captivating throughout Heavy Fruit. The opening track, "No Visitors" instantly draws attention with pounding instruments and perfectly placed vocals. The album keeps consistent with the well articulated sound throughout with pleasant surprises inserted to refrain from a muddled blend. "Time To Stain" has the most surprising elements, showcasing singer Schulyar Croom's deeper, softer, more melodic tones, as well as his ripping highs.  

He Is Legend does a great job of slipping hard rock clichés into a few of the tracks without over selling the points. A tale of an intolerable lover in "Be Easy" grazes a subject that we know, all too well, in this genre. "Spout Mouth" and "The Carpet" have the angst of what hard rock fans enjoy listening to. "ABRACADABRA" is a whimsical take on odd-fellow camaraderie.

"Smoker Scoff" is the most impressive track on the entire album using cigarette smoke as a metaphor for a volatile relationship. Also notable, "Something, Something, Something Witchy" is a welcomed lustful jam.

He Is Legend's songs are incredibly groovy. Check Heavy Fruit out, learn the songs, and patiently wait until you see them live to enjoy the hard rock experience.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to: "Something, Something, Something Witchy"

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