Invent, Animate - Everchanger

Review by Gabrielle DB

The debut full-length release from Invent, Animate, Everchanger, off of Tragic Hero Records is a powerful metalcore album. A theme of a holistic community is felt while listening to this album: our own interdependence as biology on our bruised ecology.

"Sol" opens the album, a great choice to do so. It grips attention in under five seconds, and it won't let go. "Naturehold" showcases the amazing screams and growls echoed throughout the album. You can really hear the incredible emotion in Ben English's voice. What's more? Jesse Cash of ERRA is featured on this track, as if it were not already amazing. The third song, “Nocturne: Lost Faith” keeps the melodic trek onward, where, by now you are familiar with the instrumental structure of the album. Guitarists Logan Forrest and Keaton Goldwire complement each other amazingly through this self-reflective song.

The diverse ability of drummer Trey Celaya is presented in “Forest Haven” with bassist Caleb Sherraden pulling the rest of the rhythm together. “Luna” wraps the album up with beautiful melodies, riffs, and lyrics. Overall, the entire album keeps an intense, unrelenting tone in the music, vocals, and message.

Every instrument is well represented on Everchanger, without having to compete for attention. Ben English's vocal range and ability throughout is ridiculous. Definitely check Everchanger out - Invent, Animate is a band that you want to know.

Rating: 4.5/5

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