Grey Gordon - Forget I Brought It Up

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Grey Gordon’s Forget I Brought It Up is a quintessential fall album for any fans of indie, emo or even pop-punk. Gordon’s gorgeous clean vocals coupled with the gritty guitar work on this album make it a unique and interesting listen, different from many other acts in its genre but still easy and pleasant to listen to.

“Barstools And Haircuts”, the first track on Forget I Brought It Up, is the perfect opening song and had me absolutely hooked from the moment that Gordon’s vocals came in over the fast-paced guitar work. Sometimes, it takes a couple of tracks to figure out just exactly what an artist is all about, but that’s not the case with this album - Grey Gordon’s unique sound is very apparent within the first track and stays beautiful and consistent until the final song on the album.

The only complaint I have with Forget I Brought It Up is that some of the songs seem to blend together because of the similar gritty guitar work throughout the entire album. That being said, though, Gordon’s amazing vocal work and relatable lyrics are the saving grace, especially on the stronger tracks on the album such as upbeat “Indianapolis 2008,” and poppy single “Revelation Summer.” His voice sounds very similar to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie at times, which contrasts amazingly with the instrumental parts on the album, making Forget I Brought It Up an absolute work of art.

Overall, Forget I Brought It Up is the perfect album to listen to as summer slows down and winds into fall. There are just some records that are able to bridge genres and really reach out to fans of many different kinds of music, and I believe that Forget I Brought It Up will definitely be one of those records with its gritty indie sound and Grey Gordon’s midwest-emo vocals. One of the final tracks on the album, “Kerouac Ending,” is the perfect closing song, with a strong lead guitar part right off the bat and by the time the song fades into the final track on Forget I Brought It Up, I’m left wanting more, which is exactly what a great album should do.

Rating: 4.5/5

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