Texas In July - Bloodwork

Review by Gabrielle DB

This album is incredible! Texas In July's fourth studio release, Bloodwork off of Equal Vision Records is a valiant effort. 

As a fan of Texas In July's entire discography, I was not sure what to expect on this release knowing that the band has had two member changes since the last release. To say that I was blown away within the first few seconds of the album's opening track "Broken Soul" would be an understatement. I literally stopped in my tracks and stayed frozen. I even uttered 'whoa.' The following track, "Sweetest Poison" showcases a pleasant surprise that Texas In July fans are not used to; clean vocals. But the clean vocals are not the main selling point of the song, rather a supplement. 

"The Void" is a notable track, featuring Levi Benton, the frontman of Miss May I. Benton's feature is perfectly placed in the track, and is very fitting. Every single member delivers on this album. The music stands in its own light, as demonstrated in the instrumental interlude of "Decamilli". Adam Gray's jaw dropping drum solo, Ben Witkowski's heavy bass, and Chris Davis' skillfulness on the guitar are all accentuated on this track, even though listeners are well aware this far into the album. This track serves as a breath right before being caught in the hooks of "Nooses". This track hosts the best breakdowns of the entire album; none of which are oversold. The title track closes the album. "Bloodwork" finishes very melodically, and rather beautifully. 

Bloodwork is not Texas In July's declaration of moving on, more so a showcase of where the band has grown and plan to keep on taking their music. This album is both technical and aggressive, a feat not many are able to capture at once. This is a very strong album that will resonate; please check it out!

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Sweetest Poison"

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