Alma Construct - Alma Construct

Review by Gabrielle DB

My tattoo artist once told me that he would not put more than one word on a tattoo because the piece should be able to speak for itself; sometimes, the same can be said for songs. The self-titled debut EP from Alma Construct is not your grandma's elevator music, rather auditory overload layered with synth, eerie keys, and abstract percussion. 

The tracks flow, each telling their own story. “On The Edge, Surrounded With The Shores Of Assudrey” is an inviting opening track that evolves as it progresses. “Deer Drink From The River” is an excursion with a title begging for listeners' imaginations to wander. With a constant repeating loop in the back, the forefront music leads the track with direction to the final note.

“Imagine Them” does not reach heights like the other tracks, but is consistent with its own variety of surprises mixed in. This then leads into “Dialectic A” and “Dialectic B” to wrap up the EP. These tracks do not mirror each other, but have their own beautiful standing ground. Appropriately named, these are definitely strong finishers each holding their own elements. 

Alma Construct has brilliant ability in this debut. Give this a listen, because it is unique and mysterious.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to: "On The Edge, Surrounded With The Shores Of Assudrey"

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