The Architects - Border Wars (Episode II)

Review by Dom Vigil

If you haven’t already been following the saga that is The Architects’ Border Wars series, now is a better time than ever to get caught up. Continuing from the bands first EP in the series, which was released last year, Border Wars (Episode II) is nothing short of epic, unconventional and theatrical.

While Border Wars (Episode I) had a distinct punk feel to it, these six songs mellow down a little bit into a more solid rock sound. That’s not to say that The Architects lose any momentum or energy in this release, however. Each song on this EP tells a story and each song has its own unique sound, making for an incredibly fun listen. The album progresses naturally from one song to another, almost like a soundtrack, which is quite fitting for the overall theme of Border Wars.

“Killer Crush”, the first track on Border Wars (Episode II), is an incredibly strong opener for the EP. It picks up right where the first part left off and throws you right back into The Architects’ story without even missing a beat. Following “Killer Crush” is “Cadillac,” which in my opinion is one of the strongest tracks on the EP. “Cadillac” has a very in your face sound, and the vocals on this track are especially strong and commanding. While the Border Wars series should absolutely be listened to in order, if you really need a specific track to sell you on this EP, “Cadillac” and the following song, “Kickswaggerboom” are certain to do the trick. The only track that I wasn't a big fan of was "Raise Up," as it didn't seem to fit in with the other five songs on the EP as well, but that being said, the overall songwriting and vocals on "Raise Up" are still incredibly strong.

Even though the Border Wars series isn’t anywhere near completion with three more parts set to be released, this second installment promises to be more than enough to hold fans over while they anxiously await more releases from The Architects. The anathematic and almost rock opera sound on Border Wars (Episode II) is both entertaining and incredibly well written, taking you on a unique journey with every track. There’s a lot of fire and passion in these six songs, and by the time that the final track on Border Wars (Episode II) fades out, I’m left anxiously awaiting more.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Cadillac"

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