Like Pacific - Like Pacific

Review by Seth Wood

Hailing from Toronto, Like Pacific is the latest band to sign to Pure Noise Records, who manage some very exciting new acts such The Story So Far as well as a few older greats like Senses Fail. The band is the next to be discovered in the sudden waves of awesome punk acts that have been popping up lately (many signed to Pure Noise). Their energy matches some of the great bands of that genre, and their musicianship only serves to compliment that vibe. 

Their upcoming self-titled EP is a nice view into a window of things to come. Ultimately, this album’s biggest flaw is that it is only 13 minutes long, dying out just as the listener really begins to gel with it—which is not to mention that the opening track “Sigh of Relief” does not even hit a minute and a half. That song had me shaking and then boom—the rug yanked out from under me. I believe that while I was listening, my words were “Wow, I think this is my new fav—oh, it’s over.”

Still, the band’s audience will be happy with the album, as the musical punches force the listener to violently sway. The music does not differentiate the band too far from many other pop-punk acts, but there are certainly some unique aspects. I would say that their stuff is a little lighter than, say, The Story So Far. Like Pacific is a little poppier, like if you were to season TSSF with just a little bit of Yellowcard or Paramore. The result is quite fun, and let me say again that their songs have the energy that all the best punk stuff does. This is their foundation to build off of, and I am quite certain they will make some big strides from here on out. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Suffering"

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