Alison Moyet - Minutes And Seconds (Live)

Review by Dom Vigil

Minutes And Seconds - Live is a new collection of live songs from singer, Alison Moyet. The album features tracks from her most recent album, the minutes as well as many more of her hit singles in a beautiful live setting, and the result couldn’t be better.

There’s really something remarkable about watching a singer as powerful as Moyet live, and thankfully, that manages to translate well with Minutes And Seconds. If you close your eyes at any given moment while listening to this album, it’s easy to imagine that you’re there in the crowd. While Moyet’s vocals sound nearly studio-polished with every track on this live album, there’s a raw, emotional quality to her voice that really makes you feel these songs - possibly even more so than the original studio versions.

Listening to Minutes And Seconds truly is like watching a live performance. The album opens with “Horizon Flame,” the opening track from Moyet’s 2013 release, the minutes, which is the perfect opener for both an album and a live set. When the screams of the crowd subside, Moyet’s commanding vocals come in, and the result is nearly hypnotizing. Track after track, her vocals are not only completely on-point, but they’re also powerful - both professionally and emotionally. Moyet has a way of telling a story with just the tone of her voice, and that’s even more apparent live, when you can really hear the emotion in her lyrics, especially in tracks such as “Winter Kills,” “When I Was Your Girl” and “All Cried Out.” Even tracks that she has been performing for years (such as “Is This Love?”) still hit hard - the strength in her vocals never falters throughout the entire performance.

It’s one thing to be able to emote in studio, but it’s another entirely to be able to get those same raw emotions across while performing live (and even harder when some listeners won’t necessarily be watching the performance) but Alison Moyet more than manages to do exactly that with Minutes And Seconds. On top of that, she still maintains an energy in many of her more upbeat songs such as “Filigree.” Moyet’s vocals tell a story in these live tracks, even when she isn’t hitting remarkably high or long notes, and that’s exactly what a listener (and a fan) wants to hear from an artist. Her vocals are beyond compare and Minutes And Seconds is simply a testament to that.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to: "Is This Love?" "Horizon Flame" or "Filigree"

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