The Penny Serfs - Like Eating Glass

Review by Shannon Shumaker

The Penny Serfs' Like Eating Glass is an honest, catchy and memorable effort. The lyricism throughout the entirety of this album is brutally honest and at times very melancholy, but it’s in the catchy melodies and upbeat choruses that The Penny Serfs really hook you and reel you in with this EP.

“Always Raining” is the perfect opening for Like Eating Glass. It almost feels wrong, bobbing your head along with the sad lyrics, “It’s always raining in my head,” but with the catchy melody of the song, it’s hard not to smile and move along to the music. The thing that’s great about “Always Raining” as well as the rest of Like Eating Glass is that it’s real. While the lyricism on this album is definitely darker, it’s not a mellow or depressing album by any means. Like Eating Glass provides some incredibly catchy tracks out of these honest lyrics.

Following “Always Raining” is the single, “Dead Love,” which again, is catchy and upbeat for the subject matter. “Hot And Cold,” is a total sing-along song and has a melody that is easy to get lost in. The vocals in “Legend Of Jim Falcon” are really unique and strong and reminded me quite a bit of the vocal stylings of Interpol. Musically, “Legend Of Jim Falcon” is also very fast-paced and upbeat. The bass and drums carry this track along, which definitely makes it a standout from the rest of the record.

I think the greatest thing about Like Eating Glass is its honesty. Every song is easy to listen to and the lyrics are relatable and catchy, all while remaining true to the story that The Penny Serfs want to get across, making this EP a standout.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Always Raining" or "Legend Of Jim Falcon"

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