Debris Of Titan - On The Home Slope

Review by Dom Vigil

Psych rock duo, Debris Of Titan have created a very dreamy release with their new EP, On The Home Slope. While it only consists of six songs, each track on On The Home Slope is beautiful and fun, not to mention interesting to listen to.

“What’s In My Cocoon,” the first track on the album, is only a minute and forty-three seconds long, but goes through many big changes in a very small amount of time. On top of that, the amount of intricate instrumentation that Debris Of Titan manage to compress into a short song is incredible. There is a lot going on in “What’s In My Cocoon,” but it’s not overwhelming, and instead feels like a warm explosion of sound that leads into the following track. “Anime,” which follows “What’s In my Cocoon” is warm and dreamy. What starts out feeling very trippy and psychedelic morphs into a big, beautiful chorus with warm vocals and a sound very similar to acts like Vacationer. There are a lot of different musical influences at work in “Anime,” and the result is an incredibly fusion of sound.

The following song, “Where’d It All Go” is carried by some amazing and jazzy bass work, but unfortunately lacks that full feeling that makes the first two songs so strong. “Where’d It All Go” is definitely beautiful in its own ambient way, but with its lack of structure just doesn’t seem to stick or hit as hard as the songs before it. Following “Where’d It All Go” is “Sleep With Me,” which serves as a beautiful and mellow interlude, the sound of running water serving as the peaceful backdrop of the song. The following, “Rara” is another short interlude track, and while not as beautiful as “Sleep With Me,” it is rather relaxing. Closing out the EP is “In Nova’s Bedroom,” which is easily the most stripped down sounding song on On The Home Slope. Still, this song hosts some absolutely beautiful and intricate guitar work as well as some strong vocal work, proving that even when quiet and mellow, Debris Of Titan can create captivating and interesting tracks.

Unfortunately, On The Home Slope seems to end right when you want to hear more from Debris Of Titan. Two of the six songs on the EP clock in at less than two minutes long, which makes it go by rather fast, and I am definitely interested to see what this duo can do with a full length. Even in just six songs, Debris Of Titan explore many different sounds, and do so while successfully creating captivating songs and something that will leave listeners longing for more.

Rating: 3.5/5

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