together PANGEA - The Phage EP

Review by Dillon Crader

The California based punk group, together PANGEA show no fear with the arrival of their new EP The Phage. The EP is very short and sweet with only 6 six songs, and leaves me really wanting more of this surf punk sound on this release. 

The EP as a whole is fantastic musically. Like I said, it is very heavily influenced by surf rock. Musically, this album had me hooked. The consistence of the fun and groovy guitar rhythms and exciting and pretty sounding guitar leads throughout the EP is a great strong point. The bass at the beginning of “Awful” is a prime example of the groovy and upbeat surf punk sound that makes this short EP so worthwhile and will leave you wanting more from together PANGEA. 

The vocals of this genre can take some getting used to, and I didn’t seem to care for the higher pitched voice. I would say, again, that “Awful” is really striking vocally, however. The group vocals made this album really enjoyable. 

Collectively, I find The Phage to be a good EP release. I think this will guide together PANGEA toward the spotlight, but I would like to hear more than just the six songs on this release and a little more variety. The EP can be a bit repetitive at times, and that being said, a lot of the songs seemed to remind me of one another, and I had a hard time remembering which song was which.  Overall, though this EP was very fun musically, and will be something that I will be jamming come next summer, or this winter when I'm missing the warm weather. I am definitely excited to see what will be next for together PANGEA. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Awful"

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