Gnarwolves - Adolescence

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Gnarwolves’ new EP, Adolescence is a fast, hard hitting and short burst of energy. Out of the four songs on the EP, not one clocks in at over three minutes long, but surprisingly, no song sounds too short lived or rushed. These four tracks are each incredibly well written, aggressive and fun to listen to.

“The Waiting Line,” the first track on Adolescence is carried heavily by the fast drumming, which serves as the driving force behind the song. The fast paced guitar work simply matches the drums, and the vocals host quite a bit of versatility for what would have normally just been a simple, hard hitting punk track. The vocals go from growling and yelling to softer, melodic singing accented by pretty harmonies quickly and effortlessly, giving the song an edge that it otherwise wouldn’t have.

Following “The Waiting Line” is “Daydreamer,” which is aggressive in the beginning, but like the first track, it becomes more melodic and singalong worthy in the chorus. The bass takes the lead in this song, though, and the fast changing guitar work is phenomenal. The buildup toward the end of the song as it gets faster and faster, building energy, is incredible as well. Again, there is more to “Daydreamer” than meets the eye, and as the EP continues forward, it is apparent that this is true for every song. “Blondie” catches listeners off guard, as it is a slower, beautiful acoustic track, with passionate vocals that almost sound similar to The Early November at times. Thankfully, no energy is lost in “Blondie,” either. The vocals are full of just as much passion as the first two tracks, and eventually, it leads perfectly into the last song, “Bad Dreams.” Much like “Daydreamer,” the bass work in “Bad Dreams” is incredible. There’s quite a bit of tension in the guitar work of this track as well, making it the darkest song on the album, and the fact that it is born from “Blondie” is incredible.

While rather short, Adolescence is a remarkable release from Gnarwolves. Surely something that fans will be listening to over and over again, this EP shows a lot of versatility for only four short songs. There is no filler, and there are no down points on Adolescence. Gnarwolves are sure to leave listeners captivated and lingering for more by the time it comes to a close.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "The Waiting Line"


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