Late Nite Cable - Late Nite Cable

Review by Shannon Shumaker

With soothing, spacey instrumentals and poppy vocal melodies, Late Nite Cable’s self-titled EP is a timeless, fun to listen to release. Despite the fact that it is only six songs in length, the duo’s debut EP manages to both establish a trademark sound while also remaining versatile, from the dreamy opening track, “What Are You Waiting For” to the dancy, “Hold You Back.” “What Are You Waiting For” will serve as many listeners’ first impression of Late Nite Cable, and there couldn’t be a better opening track, with beautiful vocals and soft harmonies that make it float easily through your speakers.

“Remain In Silence” follows “What Are You Waiting For,” with a brighter and more upbeat feeling, carried mainly by Severine Casati's stunning vocals, while bandmate Pete Roessler’s vocals carried the majority of the first track. The change in sound feels very natural, and right off the bat, it’s comforting to know that Late Nite Cable are capable of creating beautiful and catchy tracks regardless of who is singing the lead vocal melody. The echoey backing vocals supplemented by Roessler over Casati’s sweet and soft voice are the perfect addition to the song.  

Similar to the first track, “Hideaway” hosts some very beautiful and soothing instrumentals, but Late Nite Cable definitely pick up the pace a little bit on this track, giving it more of an anthemic feeling. The following song, “Hold You Back,” is a standout track simply because it feels quite a bit more tense in the instrumentals than the rest of the EP. This song is easily one of the more upbeat tracks on the EP, as it feels like more of a dance track than anything. While the vocals are definitely still a strong point, he complex instrumentals take the lead on this song. Then, “Take Me Away” comes along, and it feels just as the title would suggest - like a getaway.

The only real downside on the EP comes in the very similar vocal patterns and soothing feeling to the instrumentals, which, while strong, makes the EP stay on nearly the same level for all six songs. While each song does have its own distinct sound, the dreaminess of the instrumentals doesn’t necessarily change or vary at all. The bright side of this, however, is a very solid sound from Late Nite Cable’s debut release. There is absolutely no questioning what this duo has set out to accomplish, and in that aspect, they have definitely succeeded. Closing out the EP is “All Nite Girl,” which is another upbeat dance track, leaving things on a high note, and keeping listeners interested for whatever comes next.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "What Are You Waiting For" or "Hideaway"


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