Boston Manor - Saudade

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Boston Manor’s new EP Saudade, and first release through Pure Noise Records is only four songs in length, but the resulting sound is well rounded, balanced, and most of all, emotional. Easily the most prominent part of this release are the vocals, which are emotionally charged and filled with longing. Coupled with solid guitar work and an overall tone that matches the beautiful yet melancholy vocals perfectly, Saudade is a very easy to listen to release.

The deep guitar and vocals right at the beginning of the EP’s opening track, “Gone” are bound to catch your attention right away, both because of how beautiful they sound together, but also because of the very unique sound. The song then quickly picks up with higher vocals in the verse, coupled with strong guitar and bass work that act as the backbone of the song. The vocal harmonies throughout the entire track make it feel even fuller and more emotional. On top of the melancholy vocals in “Gone,” the song is also undeniably catchy, as well.

Following “Gone” is “Trapped Nerve” which has a bit more aggressive energy than the opener, but that same longing quality is definitely still present in the vocals and instrumentals. In fact, the vocals in this track are especially strong, as they go from yelled and full of frustration to softer and more melodic very quickly. The same can be said for the entire band in this track, especially in the bridge, which starts off with soft and simple guitar work before exploding.

The only downside on Saudade is that the energy and mood on some tracks can tend to sound a little similar, but those moments are very few and far between. “Asleep At The Wheel,” for instance, feels much brighter and more upbeat than the first two tracks on the EP, also hosting some very pretty vocals runs, which divert from the otherwise melancholy vocals on the other songs. “Shade” also feels a little more mellow than the rest of the EP, carried heavily by low vocals and strong bass work. As a whole, Saudade is a strong release, establishing a solid sound and mood right off the bat and keeping it throughout all four songs. The vocals throughout the entirety of the EP are soothing and easy to listen to, while still remaining interesting and versatile, and the entire band backs them up perfectly, making Saudade a must listen. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Trapped Nerve" 


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