Come Wind - Move In Place

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Cinematic is the first word that comes to mind when listening to Come Wind’s new album, Move In Place for the first time. Not only is this album incredibly soothing and easy to listen to, from more mellow and dreamy tracks like the opener to more upbeat and poppy songs like “Clarity,” but it tells a story as it progresses, as well.

Right away, Come Wind paint a picture with smart songwriting and beautiful instrumentals in the first track, “Move In Place Pt. I.” The first thing you will notice about this track is the bass, which builds anticipation throughout the entire song underneath bright guitar and captivating, crisp vocals. The song only builds as it goes on, as well, adding layer upon layer with each verse and chorus, from the simple drum beat to piano and backing vocals. Lulling you into relaxation, the vocals on this track are absolutely stunning as Aaron Troyer coos, “Things don’t seem to change/They move in place.”

“Birds Will Never Fly” follows “Move In Place Pt. I,” and the transition from a slower, more mellow song to this more upbeat track is surprisingly seamless and easy. The driving force behind this track is the complex drumming and moody guitar work. Both instruments provide a strong backbone to the song, and when it finally kicks in, the bass line provides yet another strong aspect. While the vocals in this track are certainly not lacking, especially in the beautiful “ooh”s of the chorus, they definitely seem to take the backseat to the strong instrumental work. And then, just when you thought Move In Place couldn’t progress even further, “Blessing” comes in and picks up the pace even more.

“Vacant” is easily one of the strongest songs on Move In Place, as it is a great combination of both the strong guitar work from the album’s second and third songs, and the beautiful vocals from the first track. The vocal harmonies throughout the entire song are flawless, supplementing the lead vocal runs perfectly, but the vocals don’t overpower the guitar, bass or even drums at all. The fast drumming keeps the song chugging forward, while intricate guitar and bass work keeps you interested. And on top of it all, “Vacant” hosts some incredible lyricism as well, carried by strong lines such as, “I am vacant/I’m making room/For the owner to come/Make a temple of this tomb.”

As Move In Place moves forward, it becomes clear that there really are no filler tracks on the album, and no two songs sound the same. For instance, “Clarity” is a standout track, and for the reasons that the title would suggest. This track is crisp, clear, poppy and catchy. “Clarity” is fun to listen to, and by the end, you’re bound to want to move around and sing along. The following song, “Come & Go” is a nice change of pace with simple acoustic guitar and brilliant vocal harmonies. Again, the lyricism shines on this track, with heartbreaking lines like, “Maybe I’m happy/Maybe it’s alright.” “Mutiny” follows “Come & Go” and is raw, beautiful and emotional.

Bringing up the second half of Move In Place is “Winter,” which is carried heavily by strong bass work and an upbeat chorus. “Bouquet” follows “Winter,” and like “Come & Go,” this song sounds very different from anything else on the album. Piano and echoey instrumentals are the backbone of this track, but the standout moments are definitely in the vocals and lyrics again, especially lines like, “I can’t live without you anymore,” that are heartbreakingly beautiful. “Found” picks up the pace before the end with some phenomenal guitar work right off the bat, before things wind down again with “Car Crash,” which sounds very similar to “Bouquet.”

The final track, “Move In Place Pt. II,” is the perfect ending, bringing things right back to the start again, but with beautiful acoustic guitar carrying the song. By the time Move In Place comes to an end, you’re bound to feel changed, or at least a little touched by the beautiful songwriting and heartfelt lyricism on the album. Move In Place is raw and honest, and the result is a powerful album that will be impossible to forget.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Vacant" or "Move In Place Pt. I"



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