Three Man Cannon - Will I Know You Then

Review by Shannon Shumaker

“Honest” brings in Three Man Cannon’s new EP, Will I Know You Then with relaxing guitar work, soothing vocals and a mellow sound that is incredibly easy to listen to. Within seconds, it’s apparent that this release couldn’t have come at a better time of the year, as it feels perfect for fall. Everything about “Honest” is smooth and easy, from the way the vocals come in, to the mellow guitar work to the way it transitions into the second song, “Coma’d.” Keeping the mellow mood of Will I Know You Then, “Coma’d” is moody and somber, but is totally soothing when the crooning vocals take over in the chorus. The contrast between the bright guitars and somber vocals in this track is a nice change of pace from the easygoing opening track, creating a bit of tension toward the end.

Following “Coma’d” is “Gold or Silver,” which fades in easily from the second song, and is a little more upbeat from the first two tracks, kicking off with uptempo drums and fuzzy guitar. The fuzziness in the instrumentals and vocals quickly becomes a driving force in “Gold or Silver” and the following songs, giving Will I Know You Then a very warm feeling. The overall tone of the EP is apparent in nearly every single song, but unfortunately, it also makes the six songs sound similar in some aspects. For instance, the vocal range in nearly every song is very similar, making them blend together easily. This is both a pro and a con, as it makes the songs hard to distinguish, but it also makes them flow together very well, creating six very soothing and easy to listen to songs.

“Pushing People” is a good change of pace, however. The vocals in this track, while still mostly in the same range as the other songs, are very passionate, standing out from the pack. The guitar work is also very solid in this track, carrying the passionate energy forward. “Mood” is also a good standout because of the lower vocal work, especially in the beginning of the song. Closing the EP on a strong, yet very mellow note is the final track, “Now Nothing.” The keys, guitar and vocals all work together very well on “Now Nothing,” creating a very soothing close to Will I Know You Then and lulling listeners into relaxation. At the heart of it, Will I Know You Then is a very smooth and easy to listen to release. While there aren’t necessarily any big, explosive standout moments, there doesn’t necessarily need to be any on this EP. The mellow mood on Will I KNow You Then is perfect for fall and winter, and is sure to leave listeners satisfied.

Rating: 4/5

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