The Shelters - EP

Review by Dom Vigil

The first thing that you’re bound to notice about The Shelters’ debut EP are the fuzzy, bluesy guitar riffs that carry the majority of the first track, “Liar.” The first song on the EP is easily the best snapshot of The Shelters, as it holds a little bit of everything that makes these four songs strong. Prominent, yet fuzzy guitar hooks carry the song while pretty vocal harmonies and catchy melodies drive it home. It’s a 70’s sounding fuzziness with a modern spin when it comes to the catchy chorus, and by the time “Liar” comes to an end, you’re bound to fall in love.

Swapping laid back guitar work and easygoing vocals in “Liar” for high energy guitar riffs and a more upbeat sound, The Shelters pick up the pace with “Birdwatching,” showing that they aren’t all fuzzy, dreamy melodies. “Birdwatching” is a more aggressive, drum heavy track, only made more prominent by staccato vocal patterns and catchy guitar work. Though that same sound from “Liar” is the backbone of “Birdwatching,” the second song provides some much needed variety.

“Fortune Teller,” which follows “Birdwatching” finds its way back to that signature dreamy sound and feels like summer. Unfortunately, because this song follows a more upbeat track like “Birdwatching,” it doesn’t seem to hit quite as hard. However, there are definitely some standout moments in “Fortune Teller,” like the catchy vocals in the chorus and the wild instrumentals toward the end of the song. Final track, “The Ghost Is Gone” also doesn’t have quite as much energy as the first two songs and feels a little more dream-like, but it has an undeniably unique sound compared to the rest of the EP, making it a standout. “The Ghost Is Gone” is bass heavy with echoey vocals and pretty guitar work, making it a great ending song that will leave people replaying the EP all over again.

One thing is certain after listening to The Shelters’ debut EP, and that is their signature sound, something that is established within the first few moments of “Liar” and stays strong throughout all four songs. There is no questioning who The Shelters are after the EP comes to a close.

Rating: 4/5

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