Overslept - I've Been Keeping to Myself

Review by Dillon Crader

Colorado based band, Overslept are releasing their first full-length record, I’ve Been Keeping to Myself on December 12th. This release is nothing short of amazing. Upon listening to the album, it’s hard to believe that Overslept just a “local” band. The recording quality of I’ve Been Keeping to Myself blew me away, and the matured sound that Overslept creates in this release is astonishing. 

I guess I will go ahead and start off by mentioning how amazing Elias Armao's vocals are in this release. As mentioned earlier, the vocals are matured and give this record an amazing sense of beauty and quality. The harmonies that are used in songs like “Intro To Cultural Anthropology” should give any listener a warm feeling because they sound magnificent and well polished. Though the vocals on this record are nothing short of amazing, there are times that I wish there was some more variety to give certain songs more of an impact. That being said, however, Elias’s voice is very passionate in general and is sure to impact listeners. There are just some moments that could of used more for a killer bang to make an amazing clash of vocals and instrumentation. 

The high point of I’ve Been Keeping to Myself is the great combination of amazing instruments. The guitar was the first thing that caught my attention the first time I listened through the record, reminding me a lot of something similar to Into It. Over It.. Overslept has established this very similar style of “emo/twinkle” and really turned it into something unique and mature compared to a lot of other music currently being released. The talent that Overslept contains still astonishes me every time I listen to any track on the album, well past the first listen through. 

The amount of talent and unique sound that Overslept are bringing to the Denver music scene is jaw dropping. It is awesome to also see a local band like Overslept unafraid to break certain barriers of musical genres to create their sound that is both elegant and amazing. Bands like Overslept are what make me proud to be a part of the Denver music scene. I expect a lot of great things coming from Overslept over the next year after this release. I’ve Been Keeping to Myself is an incredible album and is definitely going to be putting Overslept on the radar, hopefully further than just the local scene here in Colorado.

You can catch Overslept at their dual album release show with Wild Trees on December 10th at the Marquis theatre with support from bands Evinair and Anterroir.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Shouldered"

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