City Lights - Acoustic EP 2

Review by Gabrielle DB

Acoustic EP 2 is a super fun five-track EP by City Lights. The tales of hope, heartache, friendship, and self-reflection string wonderful tunes. 

An encouraging track about using doubt as fuel to overcome trials, "The Dark Side" opens this EP. "Truth Is" is the up-climb recovery from a heartbreak. The uptempo guitar work is comfort for such a troubling situation. Following up, "Cold And Grey" holds the same theme and flow as "Truth Is." These tracks couple well to drive the point home. 

"So Much More To Give" presents a strong theme of self-reflection and the decisions to move forward. The instrumentation on this track is so pure and inspiring with respect to the content. 

"Jeremy's Song" is absolutely incredible. The strength in the lyrics is matched only by the bellowing delivery. A depiction of estranged friends has never been depicted so stunningly. 

Acoustic EP 2 is thorough, covering all of the bases to become your new favorite campfire singalong soundtrack. The vocal clarity mixed with the impressive strumming of guitars, and sprinkles of tambourine and shakers create an experience for acoustic Pop-Punk lovers.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Jeremy's Song" and "Truth Is"

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