Concepts - Transitions

Review by Gabrielle DB

Concepts brings a refreshing sound to the scene with their EP Transitions. Theincredible blend of skillful clean vocals, gripping screams, and crushing musicality put this band on another level from the monotony that we have been stuck in. The production and layerings are fantastic, and supplement the whole experience that is Transitions.

"Posthumous" rips open the EP with a harrowing grip. Continuing strongly, "Mirrors" opens with a beautiful piano bit. This track has the strongest lyrical content with vocals to boot.

"Vultures" plays with vocal layerings, with an emphasis on the reaching clean vocals. The dynamic of clean vocals integrated with screaming vocals is superb. The title track is in clean up position, and continues chugging along onto the powerful closing track,"Abomination."

This soaring EP is a must listen! Transitions is a launch pad for Concepts to seize mass attention, and their work is uniquely stunning.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Mirrors"

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