Fossil Youth - Intertwined With You

Review by Dillon Crader

The first time I heard of Fossil Youth was through a good friend who said they were his favorite local band from OKC. The first time I listened to their EP, Intertwined With You, it really blew me away.

The first track on Intertwined With You, “From the Window”, is a good way to start off this release; with the fast grungy guitar. The vocal style in this song (and EP) reminds me a lot of Mat Kerekes’ (Citizen) vocals in the way they go from very mellow and calm to very loud and yelling with ease. This isn’t a bad thing at all; I can just see a lot of influence from Citizen in this track due to the vocals.  About a quarter way through the track it cuts to just bass, drums, and vocals and I love it. The blend of the bass and drums sound superb with the vocals over it. The second track, “Silver Tongue” is probably my least favorite on the EP because it didn’t really have anything special to offer. The song is very slow and doesn’t have anything that stands out to me musically or vocally.”Silver Tongue” isn’t bad by any means, I just feel that it didn’t have anything that really stands out out which makes it an “eh” song.

The last two songs on the EP, which are “Wick” and “Intertwined With You”, are spectacular. “Wick” does make me think of Citizen again, but this track pulls a unique sound of their own.  The instrumental part a little past the halfway  mark sounds beautiful and leads into a big built-up ending with a lot of energy. You can really hear the emotion in the vocals towards the end of the song. After the emotional ending to “Wick,” the EP ends with “Intertwined With You”. I love the guitar tone on this song - the intro gives it this very dark tone, and I almost wish they depended more on this guitar tone on the other tracks in the EP. This song is very powerful and like I said before, very dark. The vocals on “Intertwined With You” are very nice sounding and pretty, but you can hear the pain in his voice and makes the song that much more real.

Over all, Intertwined With You is a solid release and makes me interested in what Fossil Youth have in store for the future, in regards to a full-length. If you are a fan of Citizen or any bands along those lines, you will definitely love this release.

Rating: 3/5

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